What to expect

I accept referrals from parents, carers, GPs and other professionals.

After you make contact I will speak with you on the phone to get some brief details about the difficulties you would like help with. If appropriate we will arrange an appointment.


At the first appointment I usually meet with the family together, with the parent/s or carers on their own and with the young person depending on their age. I will take a detailed history to help me understand how the difficulties have arisen and what might be maintaining them. At the end of the assessment we will discuss what type of therapy is most suitable and decide on treatment goals and the frequency of sessions.


A therapy session lasts 50 minutes. The frequency and number of sessions required can vary greatly depending on the nature of the problem. This will also be discussed at the end of the assessment and can be reviewed during treatment. Treatment can be anything from 4-6 sessions to several months. In some cases, with more entrenched problems it could be longer.

Following the assessment and at the end of treatment I will usually write a brief summary letter to your GP to inform them of my involvement. I will discuss the contents of this letter with you and provide you with a copy.


The meetings are strictly confidential, within the boundaries of safeguarding (ie. unless I am concerned that you or other people are in danger in which case I will discuss with you informing the appropriate external agencies).

I also keep written/computerised records of sessions. This information is securely kept and solely for my use. The details will not be passed onto anyone else without your permission.

I may discuss aspects of our work with colleagues during professional supervision but will keep identifying details anonymous.